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“Never has a debut EP showcased so much talent. Wonderfully produced tracks that deserve to be heard in stadiums. This is the start of something very special indeed.”
-Craig Isherwood Rock Today UK


As one reviewer put it from Rock Today Magazine in the U.K., “Hollywood rockers Disciples Of Babylon are a band who deserve your attention. Their debut EP, Welcome To Babylon, was simply ground-breaking. With elements of both classic and alternative rock, the band delivered a very unique, fresh and all-consuming sound that immediately pulled us in and held us captive.”

Their music has captured the attention of fans and critics from around the world. DOB draws its influence from some of their personal favorite bands, including such rock legends as Muse, the Foo Fighters, Queen, The Who, Stone Temple Pilots, U2 and Led Zeppelin. Their guiding principal in the creation of their music is to incorporate key stylistic elements of all great rock music eras into a large stadium-worthy sound that thrills all audiences, providing an immersive experience like no other. Their songs echo a progressive message that’s meant to elevate and inspire the audience, while still paying homage to classically definitive and enduring rock nuances.

For a limited time the band is giving away their debut EP ‘Welcome To Babylon’ for free.

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