Disciples Of Babylon Interview on Rockstar Dreams NAMM 2019

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Disciples Of Babylon interview during the Pre-NAMM Artist Relations event in Anaheim

ANAHEIM, CA – Disciples of Babylon’s vocalist Eric Knight, guitarist Ramon Blanco, and bassist Gui Bodi were recently interviewed at the Artist Relations Endorse Expo pre-NAMM event for magazine RockStar Dreams.


The Artist Relations Endorse Expo gives you the ability to interface directly with manufacturers in a way where they can meaningfully demonstrate, teach, and show you products. They’ll help you learn how to utilize their products for live use or recording so you truly understand the features, benefits, and how to utilize them in your work flow. NAMM is a really wonderful trade show designed for manufacturers to sell gear wholesale to stores, however, it’s not a trade show designed specifically for artists. At the Endorse Expo you can spend as much quality time you need with manufacturers. You’ll get to play with the gear in a way that you could never do at NAMM. This is a private artist only event- dealers are not allowed!

Watch the full interview here.


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